vanBaerle, Münchenstein

The area between the station and the heart of Münchenstein is well developed and has been put to industrial use until now. In the years ahead, there are plans to turn it into an attractive urban residential district with a wide range of uses and facilities, and functioning as the centre. This budding suburban municipality will house many different types of apartments, which will be ideally complemented by office, commercial and retail space to create a dynamic environment.

  • Purpose

    Multi-purpose use with a high proportion of residential, retail, service, small business and residential uses

  • Architecture

    jessenvollenweider architektur und Stauffer Rösch Landschaftsarchirekten; HHF Architekten und Bryum Landschaftsarchitekten; GWJ Architektur und David Bosshard Landschaftsarchitekten

  • Landowner

    Rietpark Real Estate AG

  • Implementation


  • Development

    Halter Inc., Developments

  • Marketing


  • Area

    Area of site 22,011 sq.m

  • Total investment

    CHF 180 million

  • Completion

    In several stages from 2023 to 2027