The developer

Active in the real estate market since 1918, today Halter is one of Switzerland's leading construction and real estate service providers.

More urban density

Density is essential – it leads to higher quality of life.

Less urban sprawl

Urban consolidation preserves space, minimises the need for mobility solutions and reduces CO₂ emissions from renovations and replacement new builds.

«Internal consolidation is a massive social, economic and political opportunity.»

Balz Halter, «Damit Innere Verdichtung nicht zur Worthülse wird» (German/French only), Komplex 2019

More architecture

In the future, architecture will become even more important because of digitalisation rather than in spite of it.

Less blandness

Norms, regulations and bans on new ideas lead to uniformity. It’s better to break away from the norm – even if that sometimes means stopping altogether.

«Thanks to digital architecture competitions, for the first time urban development and architecture can be judged in tandem.»

Caspar Schärer, «Der totale Vergleich» (German/French only), Komplex 2018

More collaboration

A culture that encourages direct, open discussion and aligned interests enables better and quicker decisions.

Fewer silos

In a digital process landscape, collaboration – both internal and external – can be organised differently, and old procedures done away with.

«We realised that we have to overhaul the entire design and build process. Digital transformation on command doesn’t work.»

Markus Mettler, «Die digitale Transformation auf Befehl funktioniert nicht.» (German/French only), Komplex 2018

We work with our clients to identify and realise the development potential of sites, plots, construction projects and properties,

thus optimising use of our resources.