Mosaik, Hinwil

A two-phase project centred on the construction of attractive freehold apartments for families as well as young and elderly couples. The eleven apartment buildings were built with ecological and energy-saving aspects in mind and are MINERGIE ECO©-certified (passive house standard). The architecture plays with clear-cut shapes and spaces. The various orientations of the buildings firmly embed the complex in the meadow landscape, while generously sized terraces allow interior and exterior spaces to flow into one another.

  • Purpose

    75 freehold apartments, 121 covered parking spaces, of which 10 are for visitors (stage 1), 39 freehold apartments, 38 rental apartments, 108 covered parking spaces, 10 of which are for visitors (stage 2)

  • Architecture

    Novaron – Architekten AG

  • Investor

    Fundamenta Group (investment object stage 2)

  • Implementation

    W. Schmid AG

  • Development

    Halter Inc., Developments

  • Marketing

    Himmelrich Partner Immobilien

  • Area

    Site area 19,230 sq.m

  • Total investment

    CHF CHF 52 million (stage 1) / CHF 43 million (stage 2)

  • Completion

    2016 (stage 1) / 2017 (stage 2)