The Halter Development Wheel

Chronos and kairos are two different terms relating to time in ancient Greece. By chronos – a term that has established itself in our modern culture – we understand time that is constantly passing. Kairos, on the other hand, is a propitious moment for decision or action.

Mechanical watch movements and project development have much in common:

  • Planning precision
  • Interplay of many individual parts
  • Processes complexity
  • Multilayered structuring
  • Manufacturing precision
  • Dynamism and flexibility
  • Continuous progress
  • Meaning of time: both chronos and kairos

Like a project developer, the watchmaker has a vision and brings this a concrete, beneficial result by combining tradition and innovation to create something new.

Halter's development approach is a parallel and iterative process. It enables the simultaneous processing and networking of various types of expertise, which as a result are mutually complementary and supportive. The Halter Development Wheel illustrates this complex process by locating the individual stages in project development as a whole and relative to the context. It simultaneously depicts the developer's areas of expertise and the progress of a specific development. The circular sectors stand for the developer's eight core competencies, the concentric circular rings for the seven development phases in a project. A ninth area of expertise, project management, constitutes the drive of the Halter Development Wheel: it is the force that starts – and keeps – the wheel moving

A project develops within specific parameter from the outside inward, passing continuously through individual specialized areas in the various phases and becoming more concrete and precise in the process. This holistic view of things creates cross-connections, sharpens our eye for interrelationships and thus allows us to recognize undesirable developments at an early stage. In this way, risk management can take any corrective steps necessary for the project to proceed as planned and ensure that our vision is realized.

By using the Halter Development Wheel together with project managers who have the experience and know-how to choose the right time to make their move, we guarantee the success of the projects entrusted to us.