Smart building

Conventional procedures in the construction and real estate industry, where total service and general contracting companies are invited to submit tenders, result in wasted time and unsatisfactory results. This is a pity because it would be possible to save costs and achieve better all-round results if all interested parties were involved at an early stage. With the global services model, the client, planners and building contractors are all pulling in the same direction.


Development models with Halter

Various ways are open for property owners or investors to enter into development agreements and contracts. The deciding factor is their respective appetite for and ability to take risk.


In the Decision Room by Jan Paulich

"Alexa Trigger: start meeting!" The light goes on. I'm standing in a spacious, futuristic-looking conference room in Z├╝rich-West, surrounded by screens, a drone conspicuously on view, and I'm the guest of Matthias Knuser, who has just given the voice command and is showing me around today.


Non-profit residential projects part of Halter's DNA

Halter has a long-standing tradition of working with cooperatives. The global service contractor's transparent and digitized approach to projects offers an ideal solution for affordable housing.