Our focus

  • Investment in renovation properties
  • Management of the development, planning, permission and marketing process
  • Construction management and services during the implementation phase
  • Project optimization as regards costs, deadlines and quality thanks to our consistent use of a design-to-cost-and-function approach during the planning process.

We offer global solutions backed by skilled craftsmanship

For property conversions and refurbishments, we act as a total services contractor (TSC), assuming responsibility for the entire planning and construction process. We complement this role with our own building services, which in the case of conversions enable us to react swiftly to the client's needs.

With us, total renovations of apartments and houses, as well as minor conversions and extensions, are in safe hands: from the advisory phase through to planning and implementation. We attach importance to clear strategic planning and, by taking a pragmatic, economically sensible approach, aim for an efficient construction process that will retain the project's value or, in a best-case scenario, actually lead to an increase.

We focus on existing properties for private and institutional investors. The emphasis is on projects involving a total investment up to CHF 15 million. We are driven by and constantly work towards cost optimization, the realization of new utilization concepts, and retaining value. We seek to make the best of every project we tackle, guaranteeing costs, deadlines and quality with every conversion and refurbishment project we tackle.

Client benefits

  • Sustainable yields in line with market expectations for you, the property owner.
  • Convenience and security for our clients during refurbishment projects.
  • Security as regards costs, deadlines and quality.