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Highly effective inhouse-engineering

The diverse skills in our engineering team mean we have the expertise to make buildings more efficient and functional.

The team comprises specialists with proven practical experience in the key trades of structural and civil engineering, building services and electrical engineering. They combine the most modern and effective technology with entrepreneurial and innovative ideas and actions. We work closely with sub-contractors in partnership-based work groups, thus ensuring that the key tradespeople are integrated from the outset. By providing customised solutions that also support our overarching energy and sustainability goals, we ensure feasibility and safety throughout all phases.

Our expertise at a glance

  • Expert team for progressive and forward-looking concepts
  • Collaborative approach with sub-contractors
  • Project-specific, sustainable solutions

Let's talk about your needs for the implementation of your project. We look forward to your call or email.

Diego Frey

Global Services German-speaking Switzerland

+41 44 438 28 80

Frédéric Boy

Global Services Romandie

+41 21 310 13 05