Global Services

Our focus

  • Investment in project development and optimization
  • Controlling the development and engineering process
  • Construction management during the implementation phase

Attractive cost-benefit packages and assurance for our customers

As global service contractors, our main concern is the optimal development and realization of our customers’ real estate and construction projects. We are responsible for delivering the uses and quality defined by our customers and their stakeholders at the best possible price. Our approach comprises an integral development and engineering process, managed jointly with the entrepreneurs and planners involved, which ensures a target-oriented, optimally prepared realization.

Working closely with our partners, we aim to increase competitiveness at every stage of the project. The project’s cost and profitability targets, in other words those of our customers, are at the beginning of any process. As full-service contractors, we assume responsibility for planning, approval and construction risks during implementation. While making selective, effective use of the possibilities offered by digitization today, we work continuously with our partners to improve processes, with the aim of achieving significantly better results and freeing up resources together.