Global Services

Our focus

  • Investment in project developments
  • Management of the development and planning process
  • Construction management during the implementation phase

We are global service contractors

As global service providers, we have a clearly defined approach and aspirations: to optimize both the concept and costs of construction projects at an early stage of the planning phase by involving the client, planners and service suppliers.

We optimize construction projects and the planning process for new builds and new-build-like conversions: from the germ of the idea through to implementation, we take care of ongoing evaluation of progress as well as assuming the planning-, permission- and construction-related risks. We see ourselves as strategic partners in the quest for selective and innovative project and cost optimization during the planning phase and as a fair client for subcontractors during the implementation phase. Our overriding aim throughout the entire construction process is to ensure that quality standards, deadlines and cost estimates are adhered to.

Whether we are acting as a total services contractor or entering a competition: as global service contractors, we stand for all-round concepts that meet the grade architecturally, economically and ecologically.