Our focus

  • Investment in land plots, public limited companies and project developments
  • Management of the development, planning, permission and marketing process
  • Supervision of external total service contractors during the implementation phase.

Our strategic core expertise lies in positioning real estate in line with the current market with a view to increasing its value. Key factors here are the sustainability of local and urban development, the needs of future users and the selective use of risk capital. As the risk-bearing party, we assume overall responsibility for development, marketing, implementation and operation.

Inspiring ideas for projects

Development means turning visions into reality. In other words: firing enthusiasm among users, the authorities, investors and the general public for a project idea and convincing them of its value.

Here, urban planning and architectural quality play as important a role as the practical and functional aspects of the vision itself: if it consistently meets market demands, the latter will ensure the project’s long-term value. Whether it is for a private residence or a professional capital investment.