Service Development

One of your primary focuses as an investor and real estate owner is to ensure that your properties are profitable. Profitability depends to a large extent on the location, use and condition of the building as well as the market environment. We draw on our expertise for the development of your property: for new builds, refurbishments and redevelopments.

Real estate development

  • Identification of market potential (locations, market, use, profitability and costs)
  • Development scenarios as a basis for property strategies
  • Profitability considerations (business plan with costs, profit and schedule)
  • Repositioning and/or redevelopment of existing properties (utilization concept with target group and product definition and market positioning)
  • Possible courses of action (refurbishment, extension, replacement new build)
  • Project reviews to assure the quality of real estate developments
  • Anchor tenant retention
  • Financing concepts and capital procurement, evaluation of implementation models

We generate added value through optimum site positioning regarding the concept (development and provision of infrastructure), market demand and location potential. We use our services to help both the public sector and privately owned companies with development projects for sites and entire districts. We liaise closely with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that projects fulfil specified targets and needs and are implemented efficiently.

Estate development

  • Positioning (vision / image / range of uses)
  • Profitability considerations (business plan)
  • Communication and safeguarding of stakeholder interests (owners, the body politic, public authorities, etc.)
  • Planning tests, feasibility studies and commissioned studies
  • Development strategies: urban planning, architectural and functional aspects, documentation of quality and technical requirements, definition of cost and profitability targets