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Focus on the added value, trends and client requirements of tomorrow

We pinpoint added value in the real estate transactions market and in our clients’ portfolios. We develop our own innovative and sustainable solutions, based on current market trends and client needs.

Our regionally based Business Development continuously assess the potential for added value of sites and properties all over Switzerland in terms of location, market, usage, sustainability, the circular economy, return and costs. On request, we will determine opportunities for improvement of existing properties in client portfolios, in terms of consolidation, mobility, sustainability, circular economy and the corresponding increase in value.

As proven experts in the Swiss real estate market, we anticipate the client requirements of tomorrow and offer our own innovative solutions – from space-saving, modular room concepts through to non-profit housing construction and trendy urban neighbourhoods.

Our expertise at a glance

  • Identification of the potential for added value in the real estate market
  • Provision of sustainable and viable solutions for all aspects of spatial planning to mobility and resource efficiency, while meeting social, environmental and economic requirements
  • Expert trend analysis
  • Innovative, inhouse solutions, in line with market requirements

Let's talk about your ideas. We are looking forward to your call or e-mail.

Ede I. Andràskay

Business Development Switzerland

+41 44 438 28 24

Olivier Thomas

Business Development Romandie

+41 21 310 13 02