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BäreTower, Ostermundigen

At a key location in the aspiring municipality of Ostermundigen, a streamlined, 32-storey high-rise building rises up into the air. Together with a 5-storey annex and a free-standing cube, it forms the prelude to the planned structural densification on the periphery of Bern. 

The filigree façade of natural and bronze-coloured anodised aluminium, together with the change in basic form between the ninth and tenth floors, creates an exciting façade typology. The coloured glass roofing of the Bärenplatz in front, designed by the artist Sophie Bouvier Ausländerin, is in dialogue with the multi-layered light reflections of the 100-metre-high building and thus gives the place its identity-creating aura. Gastronomy and retail areas as well as office and service spaces are oriented towards the new square. A hotel is planned for the lower part of the high-rise building, with a panorama restaurant and flats above.

Together with the planned tram stop, the BäreTower will become the focal point of a new urban centre. 

27,000 sq.m floor area above ground; of which 1200 sq.m retail space, 1300 sq.m gastronomy, 5500 sq.m hotel, 2200 sq.m offices/services, 16,800 sq.m living area, 220 parking spaces in underground garage

Burkard Meyer Architekten BSA


Helvetia Versicherungen


Helvetia Versicherungen


Halter Inc., Global Services


Halter Inc., Developments


Tend AG

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