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Zelgli Ost, Toffen

Three apartment buildings for families and those aged 60+ are being created in a rural yet well-connected location in Toffen in the canton of Bern. The project includes a tenants’ association aimed specifically at older individuals and couples who are selling their family home and looking for an attractive yet affordable apartment suitable for their stage of life. The natural landscaping outside ensures greater biodiversity, more attractive spaces to spend time and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Three apartment buildings with around 35 rental and cooperative apartments fitted out specifically for older adults (LEA and SIA500 compliant).

Kraut Architekten AG


Genossenschaft „Zelgli Ost“, Drittinvestor


Halter Inc., Global Services


Halter Inc., Global Services

Construction volume

CHF 14 Mio.

Completion date

4th quarter 2023