Wohn├╝berbauung Bodenacker 3/5/7, Obfelden

The apartment buildings at Bodenacker were built in 1966 and are situated in Obfelden, a municipality with a population of around 5000. The 22 residential units (16 two-bedroom and 8 three-bedroom apartments) no longer satisfied present-day standards. Apart from renewal of the building engineering and replacement of the entrances and interior doors, the bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, wall coverings, built-in cupboards and electrical fittings were replaced while the flats remained occupied. With a minimum of effort, it was possible to connect the buildings up to the 2SOL system (heat generation based on the use of solar and geothermal energy) in use at the new Sentmatt complex. 

  • Purpose


  • Developer

    Verena Huber-Halter, Wettswil

  • Period of construction

    April 2017 to September 2017

  • Services

    Refurbishment of apartments while still occupied