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Sternenmatte, Worb

A high-quality residential development with premium owner-occupied and rental apartments is being built in Worb, in a location with excellent connections yet close to nature. The Sternen hotel and restaurant joins with the new structures to create publicly accessible spaces for residents and visitors alike to stay and play. Its central location means that schools, medical practices and a cinema are just around the corner. Being so well connected not only allows a quick trip to the swimming pool but also underpins the interconnectedness of the quarter. The buildings reflect the circumstances of their residents: long-term companions sell their family homes and move to Worb for a new stage of life and cross paths with families there. Community life and the private sphere are of equal importance.

Residential development with 84 apartments, 3.5 to 5.5 rooms (2/3 STOWE, 1/3 rent) in new buildings behind the Gasthof Sternen.

Kast Kaeppeli Architekten


Halter Inc., Developments


Halter Inc., Developments


1‘717 m2 (Gasthof Sternen), 9‘598 m2 (überbaubares Grundstück)

Completion date