Sportarena and high-rise apartment buildings Allmend, Luzern

The design for the arena, which resulted from a competition, is breathtakingly beautiful. The development, which comprises a football stadium, sports complex and two high-rise apartment buildings, is spacious and open. The various structures are concentrated in the expanse of the Allmend and continue to serve many different needs, while remaining an important and attractive green space for the city. The offices of Halter Inc.'s Lucerne branch are also housed in the Sportarena Allmend.

  • Purpose

    Football stadium seating 16,800; sports complex with 13,000 sq.m of space; 283 flats and 48 serviced apartments

  • Architecture

    Marques AG; Architekturb├╝ro Iwan B├╝hler GmbH

  • Investor

    Credit Suisse AG investment foundation and Fund Living Plus; Stadion Luzern AG

  • Implementation

    Joint venture Halter / Eberli

  • Development

    Joint venture Halter / Eberli

  • Marketing

    City Immobilien Management AG; acasa Immobilien-Marketing

  • Total investment

    CHF 260 million

  • Completion