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Special education centre, Ibach

The new-build project for the Central Schwyz Special Education Centre (HZI) in Ibach guarantees a range of educational and therapeutic opportunities for children and young people with mental, physical or multiple disabilities. The HZI is a day school. This means that it requires an appropriately equipped canteen area, as well as spaces for leisure and rest. Office, lesson preparation, break and conference rooms with the required infrastructure will be built for the school administration and management. Up to 70 children and young people will be assisted and supported in the school facilities and the various outdoor areas.

The basic construction is based on a flexible skeleton structure with prefabricated walls in timber panel construction. The innovative ceiling system is a wood-concrete composite system from the Swiss manufacturer Wilma, which combines the advantages of conventional and sustainable construction methods. The majestic appearance of the building is achieved by an artfully treated timber cladding with Swedish colour. Only regional timber from the canton of Schwyz was used for the entire construction.

School building with 12 class units and two kindergarten areas

Lussi + Partner AG


Department of Construction, Canton of Schwyz


Site 2,896 m2, total floor space 5,615 m2, building volume 20,700 m3

Construction volume

CHF 18 million

Completion date

July 2022


Development and completion