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Sahlimatte Hinterkappelen, Wohlen bei Bern

On the Sahlimatte in Hinterkappelen, a high-quality residential development for different user groups is to be built. True to the vision of a "heterogeneous housing development with a common spirit", townhouses and multi-storey flats for ownership as well as affordable housing will be built in exciting and different volumes. The outdoor space with alleys, squares and play areas will serve as a meeting place for residents and offer added value for the entire surrounding neighbourhood. Ideally connected to the city of Bern and in the immediate vicinity of the Aare and Lake Wohlen, the project will create attractive living space for families, best agers and senior citizens.


Condominium owners and cooperative


Site area 9'272 m2; floor area above ground: condominiums approx. 8'000 m2, affordable housing approx. 2'500 m2

Investment volume

CHF 55 million

Completion date



Development and execution