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Pilatus Arena, Kriens

Pilatus Arena is a new type of sports and event venue with national and international appeal. It will feature state-of-the-art sport and event infrastructure and accommodate 4,000 spectators. Around Pilatus Arena, a mixed-use scenario including 410 rental and freehold apartments in two high-rise buildings approximately 110 m and 50 m in height, with commercial space at street level, will finance the hall.

Multifunctional sport and event hall with 4,000 seats in an 8,000 sq.m space; roughly 170 owner-occupied apartments and 240 rental units encompassing 40,500 sq.m, of which approx. 100 MOVEment apartments, and commercial/services, retail and restaurants of approx. 700 sq.m at street level; approx. 200 parking spaces in the underground car park

Giuliani Hönger Architekten AG


Helvetia Versicherungen; Halter AG; Eberli Sarnen AG

Building owner

Helvetia Versicherungen; Halter AG; Eberli Sarnen AG


Halter AG


Halter AG; Eberli Sarnen AG


Tend AG; Eberli Sarnen AG


Plot 12,859 sq.m, total floor area above ground approx. 50,500 sq.m

Construction volume

Building volume above ground approx. 190,400 cu.m

Investment volume

CHF 200 million

Completion date

2023 (Pilatus Arena), 2025 (total project)