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Neumarkt Oerlikon, Zurich-Oerlikon

Neumarkt Oerlikon was built at an outstanding location directly adjacent to Oerlikon railway station in 1981. The building complex consists of two parking levels (second and third basement levels), retail and restaurant levels (first basement level up to second level) and two high-rise buildings with office and residential spaces. Underground, the centre is connected to the arcade of the new Oerlikon railway station. The revitalisation encompassed renovation of the retail spaces in the basement and on the ground floor and basic extension of the shops, including replacement of the façade from the ground floor up to the second storey.

Shopping centre

Walker Architekten AG, Brugg


Miteigent├╝mergemeinschaft Neumarkt Oerlikon, represented by Privera AG

Construction period

February 2019 to November 2020


Development and completion