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Nathalie Stiftung, G├╝mligen

Design-to-cost development and build of a residential school, taking into account the particular needs of a centre for people with intellectual disabilities. The school building houses a therapy pool, which may also be used by external users. Close, partnership-based and transparent collaboration with the building owner and the operator meant optimum results in terms of quality, costs and deadlines could be achieved and the overall project was handed over on schedule.

School building comprising nine classroom units (classroom, kitchen, one-to-one support room, various multi-purpose and therapy rooms, therapy pool, office and admin spaces, as well as cellar and storage rooms, separate residential building with six large residential units, common outdoor areas, including car park.

Schweyer + Marti AG


Impact Immobilien AG


Impact Immobilien AG


Site 5,882 m2, total floor space 6,120 m2, building volume 19,575 m3

Completion date

June 2021


Development and completion