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Limmatfeld, Limmat Tower, Dietikon

At 80 metres in height, the Limmat Tower is Limmatfeld's outstanding landmark and the most prominent building in the entire Limmat valley. The freehold and rental apartments offer fantastic views over the immediate and more distant surroundings. The three buildings that make up the Limmathof complement the Tower plinth: this contains small, suite-like apartments, a medical centre and a Senevita retirement home, while the ground floors house retail outlets. Limmat Tower and Limmathof open up opportunities for various types of residents and utilization, ultimately injecting more life into the Limmatfeld.

22,000 sq.m floor space for 98 freehold and rental apartments, offices and services, retail outlets

huggenbergerfries Architekten AG


Profond; PAT-BVG; Allianz Suisse; buyer commonhold ownership


Eiffage Suisse AG


Halter Inc., Developments


Tend AG

Investment volume

CHF 150 million

Completion date