Limmatfeld, entire complex, Dietikon

Between 2009 and 2016, apartments for 2500 residents and workspaces for 700 employees have been created in the area south west of Dietikon railway station. Eleven close-like areas are grouped around Rapidplatz, a generously proportioned square, to form a new part of the town, with all the usual facilities: apartments, shops, cafés, restaurants, a public kindergarten, offices, promenades and green spaces.

  • Purpose

    Residential, nursing home, sheltered accommodation, offices and services for 2500 people, kindergarten, 180 outside parking spaces (212,000 sq.m floor space above ground, 15% of which is taken up by offices and retail outlets)

  • Architecture

    Urban planning concept: Atelier Prof. Hans Kollhoff GmbH

  • Investor

    UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG; Rietpark Immobilien AG; Profond; PAT-BVG; Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG; IST Investment Foundation c/o Fundamenta Group; Swiss Life AG; HIG Real Estate Investment Foundation; Basler Leben AG; Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property; Credit Suisse LIVING SERVICES; Promea Social Insurances; Blumenrain housing cooperative; various apartment owners

  • Implementation

    Halter Inc., Global Services; Gross Generalunternehmung AG; Priora AG Generalunternehmung; Allco AG; Caretta+Weidmann Baumanagement AG

  • Development

    Halter Inc., Developments

  • Marketing

    Halter Immobilien AG

  • Area

    Site area 87,000 sq.m

  • Total investment

    CHF 594 million

  • Completion