Henz-Areal, Suhr

The former Henz industrial site is to accommodate a new district with a regional cachet, comprising residential, service-industry and office areas. The open spaces planned between the individual buildings will link the site itself with the surrounding residential areas. The proposal submitted and recommended as part of a commissioned study in 2015 creates open spaces and cleverly links these to the surrounding area. Additionally, an approximately 40-metre high-rise building will mark the corner of the site and provides an eye-catching reminder of the transformation.

  • Purpose

    Around 200 freehold and rental apartments, workshops, commercial, gastro and service areas

  • Architecture

    SSA Architekten AG BSA SIA

  • Landowner

    Henz AG

  • Implementation


  • Development

    Halter Inc., Developments

  • Marketing


  • Area

    Site area 11,200 sq.m

  • Total investment

    CHF 110 million

  • Completion