Complex in the centre of Bassersdorf, Bassersdorf

Bassersdorf now has a lively centre. The new village square is situated between two resi-dential and office buildings and has a pavilion and lake. The lake can be emptied to leave a wide, open space for the weekly market or other events. The ground floor houses branches of Migros and Coop as well as many other businesses and stores for everyday shopping. Above them are rental apartments. Rooftop gardens pro-vide seamless transitions from the outside to interiors. They function as oases, where ten-ants can meet up to hang out and simply spend time together.

  • Purpose

    Retail (site A: 1200 sq.m Coop; Site B: 1800 sq.m Migros), 6060 sq.m residential (Site A: 31 rental apartments; Site B: 40 rental apartments), 254 underground parking spaces

  • Architecture

    meierpartner architekten eth sia ag

  • Investor

    Swiss Life Investment Foundation (Site A); Migros Cooperative Zurich (Site B)

  • Implementation

    HRS Real Estate AG

  • Development

    Halter Inc., Developments

  • Marketing

    Halter Immobilien AG

  • Area

    Site area 10,670 sq.m

  • Total investment

    CHF 50 million

  • Completion

    2014 (Site A) 2015 (Site B)