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Champ-des-Fontaines, Fribourg

Located within walking distance of the train station, the university and Fribourg town centre, this plot lies on the edge of a leafy residential area. The terraced building comprises 24 MOVEment units, a spacious 2-bedroom apartment and a shared roof terrace. The public transport connections are so good that car parking spaces have been dispensed with and getting around without a car is encouraged. The range of apartments is aimed at students, lecturers, expats and singles who appreciate both the intimacy and the flexibility of the MOVEment apartments and the communal nature of the complex.

24 MOVEment units, spacious 2-bedroom apartment, large communal areas, shared roof terrace, total approx. 1,200 m2 floor area above ground

Bögli Kramp Architekten AG


Halter AG, Developments


Plot 1230 m2

Completion date

End 2025