That's us. The Halter Team. We are made up of over 25 different nationalities with very different core competencies and experiences. This results in an exciting working environment with a lot of know-how transfer and a great deal of expertise.

Lionel Ackermann

Tobias Adank

David Adjei

Armend Ajvazi

Ive Noa Alig

Sven Altherr

Olivier Amez-Droz

René Anderegg

Ede I. Andràskay

Butrint Azemi

Roland Bachmann

Thomas Bachmann

Arta Bajrami

Shkembim Bala

Angelo Ballerini

Resat Bangoji

Roland Baron

Simon Barrere

Marc Bärtschi

Kurt Baumann

Oliver Baur

Ramiz Beadini

Martin Beier

Adrian Benabed

Sena Benseven

Jonas Bernet

Beatrice Bernhart

Alexander Bertsche

Pascal Beske

Matthias Biedermann

Anthony Bitterlin

Thomas Bittighoffer

Daniel Blaser

Marcel Jann Blattert

Peter Blume

Stephan Bodmer

Silvan Bohnet

Andreas Bolt

Bertrand Borcard

Guillaume Bourchet

Frédéric Boy

Renaud Boyer

Paulo Brandao

Lisa Brauer

Marco Bräunling

Oliver Brecht

Regina Brender

Ilaria Brosi

Christine Brotbeck

Pascal Brotschi

Mike Brunner

Alain Büchel

Raphael André Burkhalter

Silvan Burkhalter


Roman Caflisch

Luana Cammisa

Andreas Campi

Pedro Cardoso

Nicolas Cariou

Roberto Carusone

Claudio Casanova

Beatrice Catalani

Stéphanie Chanson

David Chapuis

Roberto Conill

Gavin Cooper

Vincenzo Coviello

David Cramer

Sophia Cricri

Miriam D'Acunto

Alessandro Da Costa

Matthieu Damiano

Alexander Delev

Roger Dettwiler

Benjamin Diener

Krsmanija Djukanovic

Anna Domagala

Nicolas Duchéron

Elisabeth Dupuy

Sandro Eger

Dominik Eggstein

Matthieu Ehrhart

Thomas Eiwanger

Maurin Elmer

Massimiliano Emanuele

Urs Emmenegger

Torsten Emmerich

Mario Ercolani

Mathias Erdin

Pascale Erne

Dr. Urs Ernst

Moritz Eschler

Flavio Fahrni

Claudia Felsberger

Boemi Fernandez

Camille Ferndriger

Marco Filipuzzi

Pascal Fluri

Vincent Fongaro

Michael Franceschina

Valens Frangez

David Freitag

Jérémy Freoa

Till Freund

Tanja Fries

Marc Funcek

Matthias Galanti

Andrin Gantenbein

Hervé Ganz

Ervin Gashi

Franziska Gass

Rolf Geiger

Vinzenz Germann

Pietro Giacobbe

Mathieu Giraud

Ruben Goedhart

Filip Gorgievski

Daniel Graf

Tanja Grambor

Valentin Grootens

Andreas Gruber

Christian Grünig

Marco Grütter

Marc Guinot

Florian Haase

Willy Häberli

Hicham Hadana

Christoph Häfeli

Melanie Häfliger

Daniela Haider

Balz Halter

Christine Halter-Oppelt

Daniel Handschin

Marc Handschin

Marion Hangartner

Andreas Hänsenberger

Juliane Hasda

Thomas Häusler

Moustafa Hawi

Gil Hegetschweiler

Karin Heiniger

Samuel Herrmann

Cédric Hirtz

Kilian Hobi

Frank Hoffgaard

Rafael Hoffmann

Yanis Hofstetter

Patricia Honegger

Constanze Hopf

Patric Howald

Simon Hünerfauth

Dominik Hurni

Claire Hyvernaud

Fabian Indergand

Jasmin Issever

Dr. Nicolas Iynedjian

Thomas Jäggi

Khalid Jalal

Alban Jeanneret

Jelena Jovanovic

Thomas Julien

Piradhip Kailayanathan

Lucia Kalinova

Barbara Käser

Thomas Käslin

Benita Kaupp

Tanja Kaupp

Samuel Kehrli

Baptiste Kern

Oliver Kern

Caroline Kessler

Albert Kiefer

Philip Kiefer

Bjoern Kirschner

Luana Klöti

Daniel Koch

Stefan Koch

Michael Köhli

Lilija Kovalyova

Alain Krähenbühl

Tauland Krasniqi

Christian Küng

Silvio Kunz-Jäggi

Bettina Kunzer

Fabian Läderach


Andrea Lancaster

Ivo Langenick

Aziz Laskowski

Jan Romano Lauper

Petros Lazaridis

Florent Le Guillouzic

Marina Llopis

Brigitte Lombardo

Roman Lotter

Markus Maag

David Maier

Sascha Maiezza

Altin Maliqaj

Montserrat Mallo Alvarez

Vanessa Mang

Gabriella Manganiello

Selina Mathys

Maximilian Matt

Alessandro Mattle

Andrea Meier

Fabienne Meier

Katharina Meier

Steve Meier

Ramona Meier-Carnazza

Léopold Melis

Martin Menetrey

Andrej Menzi

Markus Mettler

Johan Michoud

Petra Migani

Björn Missbichler

Lucas Monet

Fabien Moulin

Andrea Mühlemann

Larissa Mujovic

Martina Müller

Marco Muoser

Burim Mustafa

Raphael Näf

Anita Naneva

Martin Neff

Maik Neuhaus

Robin Neuhaus

Sang Nguyen

Thien Nguyen

Xavier Nicot

Ronja Niederberger

Cornelia Nikolov

Agron Noshi

Marcel Nydegger

Christoph Oswald

Mareike Otter

Jan Paulich

Filip Pavlovic

Rolf Peruzzo

Margrit Pfenninger

Valérie Piller

Claudia Pilloud

Marie Pingault

Mélanie Pinheiro

Michael Portmann

Jeremy Prochnow

Francesco Provenzano

Silvano Puliafito

Philipp Räber

Sandra Ragonesi

Alessandro Randazzo

Blerim Reci

Melanie Reist

Dominique Reusser

Meret Riniker

Daniel Riondel

Henriette Ritschel

Simone Rohr

Bastian Romagnolo

Sandra Romagnolo

Adrian Roth

Antonio Ruiz

Gervas Ruppen

Christina Rutz

Agim Sadiki

Romain Sageon

Annekathrin Schär

Stefan Scherschel

Sven Schläfli

Roman Schläppi

Alexandra Schlegel

Florian Schlier

Florence Martine Schluep

Gabriela Schluep-Frey

Domenic Schmidli

Ivo Schmidt

Corentin Schmitt

Heinz Schmutz

Daniel Schoeffel

Sarina Schuoler

Carmen Schwegler

Marco Scotoni Henriquez

Roger Seiler

Rilind Selmani

Nicolas Senn

Patrick Senn

Aleksandar Skobic

Gabriel Sommer

Gabriela Soukupova

Quentin Souquet

Noël Stadelmann

Alexandra Stamou

Christian Stefanits

Lars Steffen

Daria Steiner

Nik Steiner

Sabine Stirnemann

Christian Strähl

Roland Strässle

Raphael Strub

Donovan Studach

Christina Sturzenegger

Clément Teyssedou

Florian Thiele

Hugo Thille

Olivier Thomas

Desirée Thommen

Géraldine Thuet

Kreshnik Tolaj

Oliver Uebelhart

Juliana Ulrich

Cyril Unternährer

Alex Valsecchi

Varalacshimi Varatharasa

Vithusan Vasanthan

Oleg Vaslyuk

Barbara Verbost Gojcic

Andreas Verdecchia

Enea Vetsch

Isabell Vicentini

Saranyan Vijeyakumar

David Vocat

Gwendoline Vocat

Philipp von Moos

Patrik Von Rotz

Anna Von Sydow

Florian Vuillemin

Emanuel Wanzek

Alexandra Wassmuth

Marcel Weber

Michael Welti

Pascal Welti

Patrick Wespi

Rafael White

Matthias Wick

Daniel Wili

Gaby Winsauer

Claudia Wögerer

Arthur Wouters

Claudia Wymann

Emrah Yesin

Anthony Zabel

Andreas Zahnd

Khalil Zayat

Kevin Zdonowski

Nadine Zehnder

Cornelia Zemp

Thomas Zenhäusern

Marc Zimmermann