Active in the real estate market since 1918, Halter today is one of Switzerland's leading construction and real estate service providers. Business Development, Developments, Global Services and Renovations are company business units that focus on the design and implementation of development projects designed for all kinds of purposes and involving total investments on any scale.


Halter has around 260 employees in Schlieren, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne and St. Gallen. Controlling shares in the company are held by Chairman of the Board Balz Halter, CEO Markus Mettler and other members of staff. Together with our clients, we identify and implement the development potential of sites, land, construction projects and real estate: for the efficient use of our resources. 

Our values

Halter's corporate culture, formed as it is by values such as entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, provides the foundation for an organization that is agile and highly effective. People before structures: our employees represent Halter to the outside world independently of the corporate structure and are thus able to act in the best interests of both client and project at all times.


An entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and partnership lie at the heart of our customer relationships. Our competence and conscientiousness are reflected in the success of our clients, principals and partners Cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset and promotion of it in our business environment is our top priority.


Innovation leads to a higher quality of life and better use of the built environment, as well as productivity increases. This requires collaboration both internally and externally, broad-based expertise throughout the entire life cycle of a property, and an open and inquisitive corporate culture that form the basis for consistent and continuous improvement of our products and processes.


We fully embrace the notion of sustainability and seek to find long-term solutions. To that end, we follow a circular-economy model and aim for sustainability in a transparent way. We back sensible architecture and well-planned urban development, achieve long-term profitability for investors and make the most of (digital) technology to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Since 1918

The most important milestones in our more than one hundred year company history

Collaboration platform

The Branch is the place where the integration of the real estate world is being driven forward. New processes in the construction and real estate industry change here from the aggregate state "idea" to "action". Formats such as Collab and Talks also create a dialogue platform for interested parties and a stimulating place for cooperation – across traditional boundaries within the real estate industry.

Affiliated companies

Halter's four corporate business units are Business Development, Global Services, Renovations and Developments, but for specific assignments involving real estate and technology-related services, Halter also works on an individual project basis with its subsidiaries. However, the affiliated companies operate independently within their own sectors.

Tend AG

Tend AG

Tend AG secures income and reduces operating costs. As a result, it achieves more valuable real estate for its customers.
Raumgleiter AG

Raumgleiter AG

Raumgleiter AG offers an integrated range of services in the fields of digital planning and building, 3D modelling and high-end visualisation.
Wir sind Stadtgarten

Wir sind Stadtgarten

The housing cooperative Wir sind Stadtgarten shapes the living space of people and thereby lays the foundation for dynamic developments.
Integral design-build AG

Integral design-build AG

Integral design-build AG builds offices, meeting points, shops, restaurant- and hotel rooms and offers a complete and carefree package of interior design, construction and relocation services as a global service contractor.
Movement Systems AG

Movement Systems AG

MOVEment is a surprisingly clever design concept. Its sliding modules allow to create different living situations — at the touch of a button and according to the mood.
mivune AG

mivune AG

With BuildingCloud, mivune AG is developing an integrative software product for holistic real estate management.


To be strong, the real estate and construction sectors need to be connected. That’s why Halter AG is involved in the following sector associations and initiatives.


Our commitment

As well as being involved in the local architecture scenes in Zurich and Basel, Halter AG also works with a range of sports clubs all over Switzerland.