With responsibility for people and the environment

Halter stands for forward-looking construction and property services with responsibility for people and the environment. As a partner, we identify development and utilisation potential for sites, properties, construction projects and real estate, implement them and create valuable living space - in a resource-conserving, efficient and sustainable manner. 

The Business Development, Developments, Total Services and Renovations business units develop and deal with projects and utilisations of all types and investment volumes of all sizes.


Entrepreneurial spirit with tradition

Founded in 1918, Halter is now one of the leading and most innovative construction and property companies in Switzerland with around 400 employees and offices in Schlieren near Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, Geneva and St. Gallen.

The company is owned by Balz Halter (majority shareholder), Markus Mettler (Chairman of the Board of Directors) and other employees. The company has been managed by CEO Maik Neuhaus since 2024.

Our values

Halter's corporate culture, formed as it is by values such as entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, provides the foundation for an organization that is agile and highly effective. People before structures: our employees represent Halter to the outside world independently of the corporate structure and are thus able to act in the best interests of both client and project at all times.


An entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and partnership lie at the heart of our customer relationships. Our competence and conscientiousness are reflected in the success of our clients, principals and partners Cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset and promotion of it in our business environment is our top priority.


Innovation leads to a higher quality of life and better use of the built environment, as well as productivity increases. This requires collaboration both internally and externally, broad-based expertise throughout the entire life cycle of a property, and an open and inquisitive corporate culture that form the basis for consistent and continuous improvement of our products and processes.


We fully embrace the notion of sustainability and seek to find long-term solutions. To that end, we follow a circular-economy model and aim for sustainability in a transparent way. We back sensible architecture and well-planned urban development, achieve long-term profitability for investors and make the most of (digital) technology to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Since 1918.

Find out more about the most important stages in our company history, which goes back over a hundred years.

A Halter Group company

Established in 1918 in Altstetten (ZH), the construction company Halter laid the foundations for what has grown into today’s Halter Group. The Halter Group sees itself as an ecosystem of independent companies offering different construction and real estate services across all phases of the property life cycle. This with the shared vision of achieving the sustainability goal of net zero for all projects by establishing a circular economy.

We are convinced that the construction and real estate industry’s journey towards a circular economy can only be completed successfully with integrated, efficient value creation processes, collaborative models for planning, execution and operation, the use of adequate circular building systems and consistent information management.

These companies all complement each other, yet they operate independently and pursue a clear, top-quality approach in the interest of their clients. Thus, we not only create the necessary conditions for an integrated, functioning circular economy but also for genuine innovation in the market. Halter Group comprises today ten companies, two of which are majority-owned. 

More about the Halter Group

Collaboration platforms

Design Build Switzerland is an association and sees itself as a driving force for the transformation of the Swiss construction and property industry with regard to vertical and horizontal integration. Together, we establish design-build processes for future-oriented environmental, social and customer-centred development. To drive things forward, we organise regular exchange sessions with market participants, opinion leaders, associations and politicians.


More than one hundred modern Plug&Work workspaces for individuals and teams, as well as private offices, meeting rooms, worklounges, creative spaces and phone boxes - easy and flexible to book.




To be strong, the real estate and construction sectors need to be connected. That’s why Halter AG is involved in the following sector associations and initiatives.


Our commitment

As well as being involved in the local architecture scenes in Zurich and Basel, Halter AG also works with a range of sports clubs and institutions all over Switzerland.