Feedback from apprentices

Gianna Do Vale

"For me, the move from high school to a commercial apprenticeship with Halter was the best decision I could have made. In every department you’re working in your own small area, which helps you to put the theory you've learned into practice. Your supervisor and practical instructors address your own individual needs, strengths and weakness. This way, they help you to develop a step at a time, day by day. The expectations are high but fair, and if you do your very best and show that you're interested, you're rewarded. During my apprenticeship, I soon felt I was being taken seriously as an employee and wasn't just some kind of casual assistant. If you expect a lot of yourself and want to get on in the professional world, I think Halter is a perfect choice. Today, I'm a member of the financial accounting team at Halter and at the same time doing a course that will give me state-recognized diploma in finance and accounting."

Sarina Lüscher

"During my training I was able to consolidate what I knew, learn a lot of new things and then put all the knowledge I'd acquired into my work. I particularly like the atmosphere at work, the friendly staff and the exciting and varied tasks I was given to do. The tools I was given will help and support me on my way through life. I have the feeling that I'm ready for the professional world out there and the many new challenges that await me. After completing my apprenticeship, I had the good fortune to be recruited for the property management sector with Halter Inc. Real Estate Advisory."

Manuel Zenoni

"I'm getting towards the end of my apprenticeship and can't believe how quickly the time has passed. As a trainee management assistant with Halter Inc., I've learned lots of interesting things about the real estate and construction businesses. During my three-year apprenticeship with the company, I worked in six different departments and gained a lot of varied experience that has helped me enormously in both my professional and private life. The support I received from my supervisor and practical instructors gave me the security I needed to get through my three years with a lot to spare, despite having to meet the demanding requirements of the Berufsmatur (a Swiss qualification that enables young people who have completed an apprenticeship to go on to higher education). Looking back, I can only say that my apprenticeship with Halter Inc. was sometimes exhausting but mostly a very pleasant, instructive and exciting time of my life. I'm very happy that after completing my training I'll be joining the marketing team at Halter Inc. Real Estate Advisory, where I'll be able to put what I've learned to good use and learn a whole lot more."

Julia Pfister

"I can still remember the very first day of my apprenticeship just under three years ago. In retrospect, I can say that my time as a trainee has flown by. The three years gave me an opportunity to get an insight into the various departments at Halter and to acquire a wide range of expertise. Thanks to the trust placed in me by our supervisor and practical instructors, I was able to work very independently and acquire a lot of experience. Halter integrates its apprentices completely into professional life and prepares them ideally for the vocational world. The atmosphere at work has always really pleasant, so I've always felt very much at home. After the three years of my apprenticeship, I've had the good fortune to be taken on by the real estate accounting department with Halter Real Estate Advisory. I'm really looking forward to this new challenge.