Training concept

At Halter Inc. you can look forward to an exciting apprenticeship with plenty of variety. We have a rotational scheme, which gives you the chance get hands-on experience of various departments and organizational units during your apprenticeship. At the same time, you are introduced step by step to the real estate business. Your training is based on the guidelines for a standard commercial apprenticeship as well as the learning and performance documentation published by the Building and Living industry.

What we offer

Vocational training with Halter is attractive and offers you future-proof prospects:

  • We focus on our apprentices
  • Well-founded, professional, varied and practice-oriented
  • An all-round approach to teaching the necessary methodology and professional and social skills
  • Supervision by specialists who live by our professional and human values
  • The exchange of ideas between apprentices is actively encouraged
  • Acknowledgement by outsiders
  • Excellent future prospects


Vocational training with Halter is diverse and demanding. Have you got the qualities we expect from our future budding talents? The following checklist should give you an idea:

  • Completion of primary and secondary school (Sekundarschule A)
  • Consistently good grades in mathematics, German, English and French
  • An interest in the real estate sector
  • Motivation and a basically positive attitude
  • Enjoyment in being with people
  • Readiness to learn and work hard
  • The ability to think logically and analytically
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Independence
  • Pleasant appearance and good social skills
  • Proof of ability to touch-type

Recruitment process

You can send us your application electronically or by post. Your application should include the following:

Your motivation. This should tell us why you are interested in a career in commerce and why you are interested in doing your apprenticeship with Halter Inc.

  • A CV in tabular form with a recent colour photo.
  • All your certificates for secondary school and any others showing courses or tasters you've completed.
  • The results of your career aptitude test (if you did one at secondary school)
  • Result of the Multicheck aptitude test