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Halter Heads

Halter Heads is a strategic programme set up at Halter as a commitment to investing in employees and encouraging them to capitalize on their talents. As part of the knowledge transfer process at Halter, regularly conducted internal training modules and instructive talks address specific development topics and current practical issues. A specially designed programme enables interested young talents to get a foothold the real estate development business.

Knowledge transfer

The modules and talks are based on Halter's model pyramid of expertise.

Knowledge transfer structure

Basic and more advanced modules address the various needs of employees. The basic onboarding modules give all new employees a quick insight into Halter's entrepreneurial objectives, our culture and the various business models. At the same time, the events are a great opportunity to network personally with new and existing members of staff and to meet key people in the organization.

The advanced modules tackle specific topics from the enormously wide field of real estate development. The events open to staff members cover a broad range of subjects from successful target group and product definition and current planning expertise in areas such as building technology or façades all the way through to dealing with the taxation aspects of the real estate business.