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Step 1: Online application

Have you found an apprenticeship opening among our vacancies that matches your requirements and abilities? Then apply to us online via the Yousty apprenticeship exchange.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the online application process. When you have submitted your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt, followed within 14 days by information on the current status of your application and how to proceed. In the event of a positive decision, we will invite you for interview.

Tips for preparing your application:

  • Carefully prepare all your application documents and ensure you have all the material required. Ideally, you should provide a CV in tabular form, together with a recent photo.
  • Tell us, with reference to the job description, what appeals to you about the apprenticeship, why you wish to work for Halter AG and what makes you a suitable candidate.
  • Your CV should be concise, clear, current and comprehensive. We are also interested in what you do in your spare time, and which other positions and companies you have already tested.
  • As well as your complete set of school certificates, we require a current Multi-Check aptitude analysis (if available) for your chosen apprenticeship in the relevant profile, and all diplomas, certificates or attestations of trial apprenticeships completed.

Step 2: Interview

If we like your application, we will invite you to attend a personal interview, during which you will chat to your potential future vocational training supervisor and Halter AG's personnel manager. This will allow us to get to know each other better, go through both sides’ requirements and expectations, and answer any outstanding questions. In addition, you receive an overview of Halter AG and your chosen apprenticeship. The focus will be on you throughout – your personality, your strengths, abilities, interests and aspirations. We look forward to finding out more about you and why you wish to do your apprenticeship with us. As a result, we will both have a solid decision-making basis on which to proceed.

Step 3: Trial days

After a successful interview, a trial period follows of three to five days. This will give you a real-life taste of what's involved in your chosen profession, reveal what goes on behind the scenes at the company and enable you to get to know our employees and apprentices better. At the same time, we are able to observe you in everyday situations.

A key element of the trial period is the Yousty professional check. This allows us to assess your academic and intellectual abilities, and match them to the requirements of the relevant apprenticeship. The professional check takes 90 minutes and will not cost you anything.

Step 4: Welcome on board ‒ signing the apprenticeship contract

It’s all done, and we have invited you and your parents to sign the apprenticeship contract. We will discuss with you and your parents in more detail on how your apprenticeship will begin, how it will proceed, what we will do for you during it and what we expect from you.

This conversation usually lasts for about 90 minutes and ends with a short tour.

All trainees at Halter AG start their apprenticeships a week before the schools return after the summer holidays.