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Personal evaluation reports

Marc Thaler

 ‘Looking back on my four-year apprenticeship in information technology, specialising in systems technology, at Halter AG, I have only good memories. I had to learn a lot and develop new interests. What impressed me most was how well the employees always worked together, as well as the great team spirit. That goes for everyone, from first-year apprentices right up to the company management. As ICT is a relatively small department, it's particularly easy to fit in quickly. That’s how I felt, anyway, on my first day working at Halter AG four years ago. Given the wide range of services provided by Halter AG, you can build up a broad knowledge base, which at the start of a career in computing is a huge advantage. I was able to put the theory I learned in the classroom into practice in the workplace. Moreover, once I had successfully completed my training, I was offered a job, which I happily accepted!’

Jordan Puglia

‘Because of the competitive sport in which I was involved, I changed my company after the first year of my apprenticeship take up an offer to continue my training with Halter AG. The move meant I also had to change the Baukette Schweiz sector, from ‘Service & Administration’ to ‘Construction & Housing’. It was the best decision I could have made. The support I received from Halter AG during my football career was incredible and, quite simply, amazing. During my apprenticeship, I was able to increase my knowledge and learn so many new things. Thanks to Halter AG, I was able to make very meaningful progress in both my professional and private lives. The diversity of tasks and the skills of the trainers helped me discover a different side to myself, for which I am extremely grateful to Halter AG and all those who contributed to my training. I’m delighted to say that while finishing my apprenticeship, I secured a full-time job as an assistant in property management services, so I was able to get my professional career off to an early start. I’m really looking forward to the challenges yet to come.’

Halime Husejni

‘During my three years training at Halter AG, I was able to progress not just professionally but also personally. The six-month department rotation gave me my first insight into the different areas of the construction and property sector, and meant that my time there was always interesting, varied and, above all, educational. Throughout my apprenticeship, I was fully supported by the vocational and practical trainers, which I appreciate enormously. On successful completion of my apprenticeship and with my qualification, I was given the opportunity by Halter AG to work in the property accounts department as a book-keeping clerk. Today, I can safely say that the apprenticeship at Halter AG was the right decision for me and paved the way, in all respects, for me to enter the world of work.’

Jelena Jovanovic

‘The three years I spent at Halter AG just flew by. During that period, I learned an enormous amount and made great progress. Halter AG provided me with the ideal environment in which to successfully complete my apprenticeship. Apprentices are always fully supported, during both the practical and academic parts of their training. To take just one example – we were given assignment/study time to complete our school work. Apprentices are treated like employees and not just as helpers, which means you have to perform, but you are rewarded fairly. I can look back over the three years with fondness and say it was a great time. What's more, after I had completed my apprenticeship, I was offered the role of assistant in property management services at Halter AG, which I was delighted to accept.’

Gianna Do Vale

‘For me, the decision to change from secondary school to the commercial vocational training at Halter AG was the best one I could have made. In each sector, everyone has their own little work area, where you can put the theoretical knowledge you have gained into practice. The vocational and practical trainers consider everyone’s needs, strengths and weaknesses individually, and therefore help you progress from day to day. The expectations are challenging but fair, and when you show interest and give it your all, you are appropriately ‘rewarded’. During my apprenticeship, I immediately felt I was seen as a real employee and not just a helper. If you are someone who has high expectations of themselves and wants to get on in the professional world, then Halter AG is the perfect choice for you. Today, I'm a member of the team in Halter AG's financial accounts department and I'm also completing further training to become a federally certified financial accountant.’

Sarina Lüscher

‘My training enabled me to increase my knowledge, learn lots of new things and put what I learned into practice in my work. I particularly liked the work environment, the friendly colleagues and the interesting and varied tasks. I still use the tools provided in my everyday life. I now feel ready for the world of work and the many new challenges that await me there. I was lucky enough to be recruited by Halter AG after I completed my apprenticeship to work in property management services.’

Manuel Zenoni

'The end is approaching and I'm amazed at how incredibly quickly the time has gone during my training. As an apprentice commercial employee with Halter AG, I’ve learned lots of facts about the property and construction sectors. Over three years of training, involving rotations through six in-house teams, I have built up wide-ranging experience that I will be able to bring to both my professional and private life. The support I received from the vocational and practical trainers gave me the security I needed to complete the three years with ease, although I still had to fulfil the requirements of the professional qualification. Looking back, I can only say that the apprenticeship at Halter AG was a sometimes exhausting but mostly very pleasant, educational and exciting time. I'm looking forward to joining the Halter AG marketing team, once I've finished, and being able to put what I’ve learned into practice while also learning new things.’

Julia Pfister

‘I remember my first working day as an apprentice, almost three years ago now, as if it were only yesterday. Looking back, I can say that my apprenticeship has flown by. Over the course of the three years, I have been able to get an insight into the different departments at Halter AG and thus build up a broad knowledge base. The trust placed in me by the vocational and practical trainers means I have been able to work autonomously and gain lots of experience. At Halter AG, the apprentices are fully integrated into working life and so are well prepared for the professional world of work. The very pleasant work atmosphere at this company helps you feel completely at ease. After this three-year apprenticeship, I have the good fortune to be accepted to work in Halter AG’s property accounts department. I’m really looking forward to this new challenge.’

Michèle Geering

‘My apprenticeship flew by and I'm now looking at three highly educational and interesting years from the other end. Halter AG is very keen to ensure apprentices receive good training, which is obvious in lots of departments. This company expects a lot of you, but you are well rewarded for your efforts. The six-month rotations through other teams means you get to learn lots of interesting new things. During my apprenticeship, I was able to build not just knowledge but also important social skills, which will be very useful in my professional career. Having successfully completed my apprenticeship and received my qualification, I was offered the opportunity by Halter AG Developments to continue working professionally as a team assistant.’

Marc Schwitter

‘I learned and gained a lot from my apprenticeship at Halter AG. Its excellent training system, involving six-monthly rotations through different departments, meant I gained great insight into the world of real estate. I was able to work autonomously and was constantly supported by highly motivated and enthusiastic practical trainers and supervisors. Having successfully completed my apprenticeship with a bilingual Matura, I was offered a job as an assistant by Halter AG Global Services. I’ll be able to use a lot of what I learnt during my apprenticeship in my future career. If I had to do it all again, I would choose to do my training at Halter AG.’